Reflections On The Technology And Equipment Of Forming Large Plates

- Feb 26, 2018-

This year the big board is called the hottest topic. At present, the production equipment of ceramic slabs in the world mainly consists of Western manufacturers represented by Italy's system, sacmi, siti b & t, and Hengli Tai and Keda represented by China.

System adopts large tonnage beltless box top pressure forming process and equipment. sacmi using continuous roll forming process and equipment. siti b & t using large tonnage no box forming process and equipment.

Domestic Hengli Tai, Kodak are using the traditional pressing forming process and equipment, launched a large tonnage of the traditional press, ceramic slab equipment for the domestic model has laid a solid foundation.

Our equipment business is provided for the transformation and upgrading of the building ceramics industry, and has never stopped on the road of innovation. We have developed many new technologies and equipment, for example, the production and molding of large panels, from kilns to inkjet machines Basically, they are made domestically, while in recent years the continuous production of nodular ink technology and equipment are improving.

Dry wet powder production technology and equipment, the domestic so many years there is no promotion, began to be applied in recent years, there should be several companies in the promotion of this. 79% of Spain's production lines are dry. Dry process is a process and equipment worth popularizing in the future, but it is impossible to completely replace the wet process and equipment. Because different products have different requirements for powder preparation and different regions, in fact, both wet and dry coexist, Develop together.

Digital cloth production technology and equipment in the past two years has made great progress.

Finally, energy-saving emission reduction production technology and equipment. Of course, emission reduction is environmental protection equipment, and in recent years we have made great strides. Energy-saving, kiln progress rate in recent years than in previous years, the quality has been greatly improved. It is because of these technologies and equipment for the construction and sanitary ceramics industry has provided technical and equipment guarantee, making the construction ceramics business in recent years has made great strides. And this progress will be the future development of the industry as a model, a standard.

In recent years, China's ceramic equipment manufacturing enterprises for the transformation and upgrading of building ceramics industry, the road of innovation has never stopped, developed a lot of new technologies and equipment, such as the production technology and equipment, continuous milling production technology and equipment , Dry milling technology and equipment, digital cloth production technology and equipment, energy-saving emission reduction production technology and equipment, etc., will certainly provide technical and equipment protection for the development of sanitary ceramics industry.