In The Past Year Or Two, Our Ceramic Industry Has Made A Lot Of Achievements In Green Production And Intelligent Manufacturing.

- Feb 27, 2018-

The first is the success of the Mona Lisa 118a green smart demonstration production line, as well as the list of the first green factories Mona Lisa was listed on August 23 this year by MIIT.

The second is the first half of this year in Hubei Tongcheng Asia production of large marble production line, the entire production line level increased a lot more than in the past.

Thirdly, in March 2017, the production line beautifully started production in Rongchang District, Chongqing Municipality was replaced by a mechanical assembly line from the raw material processing, forming, firing and packaging processes. Taking the number of production lines as an example, the domestic average level is 150 for each production line and 50 in Europe. The workshop of the beautiful company Rongchang has reached the level of 40, and the production line has reached the level of intelligent equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, product innovation, etc. A very high standard. Tiles on the assembly line, before packaging after a "laser scanning code" program to generate traceability code.

The fourth new Pearl December 6 release of the green smart manufacturing production line is completed, this line is likely to achieve unmanned. This line is basically from the ingredients to automatically packaged storage, only need to control in the control room, the noise of the entire workshop is relatively small, only a few workers in the inspection. This production line to achieve full-line automated linkage production, creating a precedent for smart three-dimensional storage, it is understood that only the new Pearl has this warehouse.

The fifth is the gold plate production line in Asia, the workshop voice is very small, the kiln out of the plate is cold, the kiln out of the plate temperature is very low, the whole production line can not see a few people.