The Core Of Ceramic Green Production Is Energy Saving, Lower Consumption, Pollution Reduction

- Feb 28, 2018-

Green production refers to an energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction as the goal, the management and technology as a means to implement the entire process of industrial pollution control, the amount of pollutants generated by a comprehensive measure. The concept of green production is not much different from the concept of cleaner production. We can define green production as organizing the production process in accordance with the principles conducive to ecological protection and creating green products to meet green consumption.

It should be pointed out that green production is a relative, dynamic concept. The so-called green production and green products are relative to the original production process and products in terms of. Therefore, green production itself is a continuous improvement process. With technological progress and economic development, the connotation of green production will be continuously updated and improved.

3, the core of intelligent manufacturing is "manufacturing"

Intelligent manufacturing is the application of traditional and new generation information technology (big data, internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc.) in manufacturing full life cycle.

The goal of smart manufacturing is to be personalized (on-demand), flexible, high-quality, and low-power "manufacturing," not to pursue machines that are "smart" like humans. The so-called "smart" is non-trivial computer applications.

"Smart" is a vague concept constantly updated with technological progress, and it is considered less "smart" to popularize the technology. So do not spend too much time asking "where is smart" and not "smart." Automation, digitization, networking, personalization may be more realistic goals.

The development of intelligent manufacturing needs to go through four stages of automation, informationization, interconnection and intelligence. The development of smart manufacturing needs to go through different stages, each corresponding to the constant maturity of a certain core link in the intelligent manufacturing system. For the time being, our country is still in the latter stage of "Industry 2.0" (electrification). "Industry 3.0" (informationization) needs to be further popularized. "Industry 4.0" (intelligent) is trying to do some demonstration and manufacture as much as possible Automation and information are gradually laid out.

We have been working hard on green manufacturing smart manufacturing to some extent, borrowing the words of Mona Lisa Zhang Dong to conclude: "There is no period and only comma on the road to green manufacturing intelligent manufacturing."