Green Production And Smart Manufacturing

- Feb 24, 2018-

China's building ceramics sanitary ware industry "13th Five-Year" development goals, by 2020 building ceramic production remained at 10 billion square meters, Sanitary Ceramics reached 250 million square meters, 80% of enterprises to pass the clean production audit. Building ceramics industry to achieve zero discharge of waste water, the scale of the hardware bathroom companies to achieve cleaner production, the total discharge of major pollutants to achieve stable emissions. More than 50% of the enterprises achieve "green manufacturing", and the enterprises above the designated size basically meet the safety production standards.

Building ceramic enterprises per capita labor productivity of more than 800000 yuan. Sanitary and sanitary ware enterprises per capita labor productivity of more than 600,000 yuan. The per capita labor productivity of advanced brand enterprises and high value-added products enterprises has exceeded 1.2 million yuan. At the end of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", 3-5 large-scale enterprise groups and well-known enterprises with sales exceeding 10 billion will be nurtured.

With the development of science and technology, the demand of users has gradually shifted from "batch" to "customization" and more demands on the flexibility, greenness and intelligence of building sanitary ceramics have begun. Market changes put forward higher requirements on enterprises, forcing them to change production methods and concepts to adapt to new markets. Therefore, it is necessary to explore a new model of "smart manufacturing" and "green production" of the sanitary ware industry in the context of the Internet + and the new economic normal.

(1) Green production refers to energy-saving and emission reduction and cleaner production in the production process, achieving resource-saving and environment-friendly. Green low-carbon emissions in particular, environmental compliance is the basis for the survival of ceramic enterprises and the fundamental, only emphasis on environmental governance, compliance emissions, companies have the potential to survive and survive to have the opportunity to develop.

(2) Intelligent Manufacturing refers to using machines to solve problems in recruitment, reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency. Actively promote the intelligent equipment and manufacturing, to achieve the integration of information technology and automation, personalized flexible customization. This is undoubtedly the ceramic industry present and future direction and trend of development.

(3) transformation and upgrading of the ceramic industry, equipment must first

China's ceramic machinery has been fully able to provide the world's ceramic enterprises a large number of building the necessary advanced, automated, intelligent and innovative ceramic machinery and equipment.

The focus of the ceramic industry in the future: It will be the guiding ideology of realizing overall transformation and upgrading, increasing efficiency, improving product quality, green manufacturing and smart manufacturing so as to promote coordinated, harmonious and sustainable development of the industry.

Ceramic machinery R & D focus is: to improve the performance of the whole machine, to achieve automation, intelligent, especially in reducing equipment energy consumption, energy saving, environmentally friendly to enhance and better meet customer needs is the future development of ceramic machinery industry Trend, energy saving equipment, environmental protection equipment, automation equipment and equipment to enhance product quality will be the focus of the development of ceramic machinery for some time to come.

(4) Achievements in smart manufacturing of green production in recent years

On the afternoon of November 29, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized the national scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the "complete set of technology and equipment for digital construction of green building ceramics" in Foshan. Mainly divided into digital ceramic construction technology and equipment production and R & D, ceramic sheet industrial production technology and technology, ceramic flue gas with a variety of pollutants collaborative control technology and equipment three technology modules to promote the industry to "green", "Chi "Transformation.