Introduction Of Galze

- Mar 27, 2018-

White glaze is the natural glaze of porcelain. Black glaze is divided into two categories: lime glaze and lime alkali glaze. The red glaze was created in the Yuan Dynasty and was of many types. After the Ming Dynasty Yongle and Xuande flourished, it quickly declined in the late Ming Dynasty, almost lost, and recovered and developed during the Qing Emperor Kangxi period, introducing low-temperature pink glaze varieties from the West. The green glaze is made of copper as a coloring agent and belongs to the patina. The yellow glaze first appeared in the Tang Dynasty, and the orthochromatic yellow glaze was the high-temperature yellow glaze of the kiln. The blue glaze was first seen in Tang Sancai, when it was a low-temperature blue glaze, and a high-temperature blue glaze appeared in the Yuan Dynasty. Eggplant purple is a high-temperature color glaze, according to its color depth, there are light tomato, deep eggplant difference. The green glaze has several colors such as yellow, green, and blue, but it always gives a bit of bluish green.