How To Choose The Right Ceramic Coffee Cup?

- Mar 28, 2018-

Ceramic coffee cups can be divided into three types according to capacity: 100 ml, 200 ml, and 300 ml or more. A small ceramic coffee cup of 100 ml is suitable for savoring intense Italian coffee or single coffee. A small cup of coffee is consumed. Only a strong scent reverberates between the lips and teeth, so that people can not help but have the desire to have another drink.

The 200ml ceramic coffee cup is the most common one. It is suitable for drinking American coffee. The American coffee tastes lighter. The Americans drink coffee. It is like playing a game without rules. The cup has enough space for its deployment and is as free and easy as Americans drink coffee.

More than 300 milliliters of ceramic coffee cup is suitable for adding a lot of milk to coffee, such as latte, mocha, etc., is the female's favorite, it is this large-capacity ceramic coffee cup to contain the sweetness of milk and coffee collision.

In addition to the choice of a coffee cup capacity, texture and design with is also important, a fine coffee mugs, make you feel more enjoyable, make a cup of coffee smells more delicious.

After a warm afternoon or busy work, sneak in a cup of coffee to refresh and satisfy the taste buds, why not? But while enjoying coffee, don’t forget to choose a suitable one. Ceramic coffee cup