7 Tips For Picking Ceramic Dishware

- Mar 26, 2018-

A wide variety of ceramic tableware, complete patterns, smooth and delicate, is the preferred type of tableware for many families. The so-called "illness from the mouth", if you can not ensure the quality of ceramic tableware in the purchase process, it will threaten the health of the family. 

2, if you really like beautiful painted ceramics, it is recommended to buy raw materials, process control more stringent glaze, underglaze color tableware. Underglaze technology is to paint colorful patterns on porcelain greens, then glaze them, and finally put them into the kiln for high temperature firing. Since it is painted first and then burned, the colored pattern is under the glaze. Protected by the glaze layer, the colored paint will not dissolve. Even if the pattern is cleaned for a long time, it will not fade, ensuring that the family will not be threatened by the metal pigment.

3, if the economic conditions allow, you can buy a new type of ceramic tableware with antibacterial features. Antibacterial porcelain is made by adding antibacterial agents during the production of porcelain, so that porcelain products have antibacterial effects. Can be sterilized, has a very good protection.

4, do not buy ceramic tableware is too bright, try to use non-color white high-grade cutlery or high-grade tableware does not contain lead glaze. In order to make the colors colorful, manufacturers will add some heavy metal additives to the glazes. Therefore, the more colorful the dishes, the more likely the heavy metals will be exceeded.

5, when buying should pay attention to see the fineness of the tableware, hand touch the surface of the tableware, look inside and outside the wall, ring foot is clean, no sand, no pinholes, no burrs. Dish bowls are generally based on the shape of a perfect round mouth. When purchasing, the deformed, elliptical, and irregular shapes should be removed first, and then carefully selected. Xiaobian offer: Hold the vertical stack of several bowls by hand. , Rotate slowly one by one, observe whether the gap between the two bowls is uniform, not width and width. Otherwise, there must be a bowl that is not perfectly round and should be removed. And so on until you are satisfied with your choice.

6, the bottom of the bowl must be structured, placed in a smooth, can not have glitches. Otherwise, it is easy to hurt your hands when brushing, and it is easy to scratch the table. For the complete set of tableware, be sure to observe the glaze color, pattern color if there is a color difference, the carcass is white and clean. Generally thin ceramic tire products look in the sun or light, there will be a sense of transparency, light texture, and uniform thickness.

7. After the new cutlery is returned to home, it is best to soak in vinegar for 2 hours before use to dissolve the toxic substances contained in the cutlery. Or use boiled water for 5 minutes before use to reduce the potential hazards of ceramic dishes to the human body.