How To Choose Ceramic Dishware Bowl?

- Mar 25, 2018-

1. Don't use glaze color decoration when choosing ceramic tableware, especially the inner wall of ceramic tableware should not be painted. Can choose to use underglaze or glaze in the color decoration, such as blue and white is a ceramic that people like to decorate under the glaze.

2. With a few taps, the sound is crisp and of good quality. The dull or husky sound is a bad product.

3. When purchasing a complete set of ceramic products, it depends on whether the glaze color, screen, luster, and style of each item are consistent and well-balanced.

4, thin tire ceramic products under the care of the sun or light, have a sense of transparency, thin and light, and uniform thickness.

Generally follow the following four principles:

The first is to "see", that is, to observe the porcelain from top to bottom inside and outside, to see if the product has any defects such as distortion, black spots, etc., and then look at the whiteness, transparency and glaze gloss of the product.

The second is "listening", which is to hear the sound of lightly enamel. If the sound is crisp and pleasing, it indicates that the porcelain tire is dense and dense without cracks. When it is fired at a high temperature, porcelainization is complete. If the voice is hoarse, it can be concluded that the porcelain tire has cracks, or porcelain is incomplete, such porcelain by cold and heat changes, easy to crack.

The third is "comparison", which is comparison. For matching porcelain, it is necessary to compare the accessories to see if the shape and screen decoration are in harmony.

The fourth is "trial", which is test cover, test assembly and test. Some porcelains have lids and some porcelains are made up of several components. When selecting porcelain, don't forget to test the lids and try assembling the components to see if they are suitable.