How To Fix The Decorative Ceramic Plate To The Wall

- Mar 24, 2018-

1. DIY paste tray: glue sponge glue on the back of the plate, and then put glass glue around the bottom of the plate, you can paste the plate on the wall. This method will not damage the wall, but it has limited load-bearing capacity and is very suitable for this kind of DIY cardboard player.

2. Self-made wire hook plate: In addition to the plate with its own hook, you can also use the wire to make a self-made hook, use a wire to make a hook-like shape to clamp the plate up and down, and then hang it on the wall. This will also see the wire for fixing the edge of the plate.

3. Heavier decorative plates: The back wall of ordinary wall decorative plates will have hooks, and they will be nailed on the wall so that they can be easily attached. If it is a heavier dish, it is best to nail two nails under the plate.

4, shelf decorative plate: According to their own situation to the wall nailed several layers of template, the plate placed on the laminate, as long as the right mix, the same can have a beautiful decorative effect.