Ceramic Knife Preparation

- Jan 16, 2018-

Most of the ceramic knives are made of one type of nanometer material "zirconia". Zirconia + alumina powder with 300 tons of pressure coupled with the mold pressed into blanks, sintered at 2000 degrees Celsius, and then polished with diamonds coupled with the handle made of finished ceramic knife.

Ceramic blade is a new type of blade made of high-tech nanotechnology. Its sharpness is more than ten times that of a steel blade. Therefore, ceramic knives are characterized by high hardness, high density, high temperature resistance, antimagnetic and oxidation resistance.

Ceramic knife developed using sophisticated high-pressure ceramic, so called ceramic knife. Known as the "noble knives", ceramic knives, as the products of modern high-tech, have the advantages unmatched by the traditional metal knives. Using high-tech nano zirconia as raw material, ceramic knives are also called "zirconium gem knives" Can be seen.

1, mixing ingredients: ball mill → grinding → → → add plastic ball mill;

2, pressing the green body: ceramic blade dry powder pressing process on the powder morphology, powder surface charge conditions and the mixing of the powder granulation requirements are high, so the suppression process is more difficult;

3, blanking blank: ceramic blade degumming process and carbide cutting tool production process is similar;

4, GPS + HIP processing: sintering process using atmosphere protection sintering (GPS) + hot isostatic pressing (HIP) processing technology;

5, blade sharpening: the quality of the sharpening of the ceramic blade has a great influence on the tool performance;

6, the installation handle: There are 3 large handle material, plastic handle (ABS), wooden handle, ceramic handle.

The most widely used plastic handle, followed by wood handle, wooden handle feel best used in high-grade ceramic knife, ceramic handle easily broken.

7, the knife: for different batches, different times the production of ceramic blades, in addition to monitoring its performance indicators, the factory should also be carried out before the knife to test the cutting performance of the blade. The test knife is usually completed on the machine of the factory;

8, packaging inspection: Check the product damage, residual, defective, qualified, packaging.