Composition Of Ceramic Tea Set

- Jan 17, 2018-

The ancients pay attention to an important manifestation of drinking tea, is attaches great importance to the art of ceramic tea, an exquisite tea with color, smell and taste of the three famous tea can be described as complement each other. With the flourishing of tea drinking and the evolvement of drinking tea in various times, the varieties of tea sets are more and more and the texture is more and more exquisite. Chaoshan Kung Fu tea used at least ten kinds of tea, which is:

First: teapot

Select the teapot, good or bad standard four tactics, said: "small, shallow, Qi, old." Teapot there are two cans, three cans, four cans, four cans, respectively, to Meng Chen, , Autumn nursery, calyx nursery, Hill, Yuan Xisheng and other manufacturing most cherished. A lot of pots, as small as oranges, as large as oranges, but also melon-shaped, persimmon, diamond, drum-shaped, plum-shaped ... ... generally more drum-shaped, whichever is correct. There are many colors of pots, blue and white bucket color, three glaze everywhere ...... But regardless of style, color, the most important thing is to have health and cultural heritage.

Second: cup

The choice of teacup also has four tactics: small, light, thin, white. Small then a sip while; shallow water does not stay at the end; white as jade to foil the color of tea; thin paper as to make it fragrant. Chaozhou tea is usually white to blue flower flat, cup bottom "If deep collection" "deep cup" is precious, but not easy to get. Sheng Shichang South produced kung fu tea cups, with light and moderate, both in line with drinking habits, but also to maintain tea.

Third: tea wash

Shaped like a bowl, a lot of color depth, cooking kung fu tea must have three, a positive and two, being washed with a dipped cup, wash with a submerged red can, a cup of water for washing and has been soaked tea .

Fourth: tea tray

Tea tray is used to hold cup, there are a variety of styles, moon crescent, checkerboard ... ... But no matter what style, the most important is the four-word tactic: wide, flat, shallow, white. Is the disk to be wide, so that the number of guests, you can put more than a few cups; plate to level, it will not make the cup instability, easy to shake; , Make it beautiful.