Bone China-Appreciation Study

- Nov 23, 2017-

                              Bone China-Appreciation study

The whole set of "monsoon" picture of this set of coffee with fresh, red breakthrough white tranquility, showing the vitality and positive spirit of life, there is a manifestation of vitality. Red represents enthusiasm, high temperament, delightful, seductive, ordinary shape and life-supporting red dissolve each other, the beautiful atmosphere is not limited to the practical so simple, but the user to get the sublimation of a feeling and taste Sustenance and symbol.

        Above the edge of the white ceramic coffee appliances, modeling specific, similar to the bionic animal feeling. Give unlimited space for reverie. Abstraction in the slightly iconic, slightly white luxury. This set of coffee is suitable for gifts relatives and friends.

        The glaze color shows an important role in everyday ceramics. However, as people begin to pay attention to the possible lead problem in ceramics, and some decoration is relatively reduced today, people can still use some simple and simple things as decorative paper flowers without affecting the physical and mental health. This group of "Chi Chi Qiao" has a hand-painted sense of intimacy.