How To Choose The Coffee Set?

- Nov 22, 2017-

How to choose coffee set

Coffee is used exclusively for coffee cup, in short is the coffee cup. Usually coffee is supporting, there are pots and sugar tanks, milk cans, cups and saucer, according to the shape, quality and sound to judge the selection of three aspects.

About coffee set

      Most people often can not correctly tell the difference between a coffee cup and a black tea cup. Usually black tea cups in order to make the smell of black tea can spread, and easy to enjoy the color of black tea, so the bottom of the cup lighter, wider cup, the translucent is also higher, while the coffee cup cup is narrow, thick material , And the light transmittance is low. Coffee cups are generally made of pottery and porcelain cup two, in recent years, coffee must be hot to drink the concept, the cup maker even with this pay attention to the development of insulation effect of pottery cups, and even more than porcelain Made of a better bone china cup cup, the use of this texture contains animal ashes of bone china Cup, coffee can make the temperature in the cup slow down more slowly. However, due to its price is much more expensive than the previous two, so the average family is rarely used, currently only a few more famous foreign coffee dealers in Shanghai have to sell, such as zushi home (zwzhome), goutin (gootin) And other high-end distributors. Generally only seen in the more attention of the cafe.

  In addition, the color of the coffee cup is also very important. Coffee color is amber, and very clear. So in order to show this feature of coffee, it is best to use a cup of white coffee cup. Some neglect of this issue in production, the various colors on the interior of the coffee cup, and even depicting complex fine patterns tend to make it difficult to distinguish coffee brewing done by the color of the coffee.