The types of Chinese ceramic

- Mar 24, 2018-

There are three categories of decorative techniques:

1, tire decoration

Mostly printed, scratched, carved, stacked, stranded, etc.

2, glaze decoration

Monochrome glaze (ceramic porcelain, white porcelain, yellow porcelain, blue porcelain, green porcelain, and other single glaze color porcelain), crystal glaze (rare rabbit, oil, rust, tea glaze and other glazed decoration containing crystalline material), color glaze (The kiln is changed into a glaze, etc.), and the pattern glaze (that is, the kind of glaze that has cracks - like a kiln)

3, color decoration

Underglaze color (blue and white, red in glaze, underglaze color, etc.), glaze color (multicolored, pastel, enamel, prime three color, etc.), underglaze color, and glaze color (bucket color)