Teach you how to pick bone china dinnerware and ceramic dinnerware

- Mar 23, 2018-

The texture of bone china is superior. Compared to ordinary porcelain, bone china has good light transmission and can be elegant and bright, with a jade-like warm texture. In addition, the bone porcelain has high plasticity, can make the glaze smooth, attractive and colorful painting, texture and hard durable. Main supplies: Complete bone china tableware, bone china mug; For the crowd: The complete set of bone china tableware is best for friends and relatives to reunite, for the family to use for discretion, can also be used as a gift for relatives and friends newlyweds, housewarming; market price: a complete set of bone china tableware Upscale tableware, generally higher prices.

1, to see the color, here to see the color is mainly to see the color of the carcass of bone china does not cover the flower surface, the real high bone cement content of high-quality bone china, the color should be milky or milk white. Bone china is not as white as possible, natural milky white is good bone china.

2. There are two ways to listen to the sound and listen to the sound. The first is to hold the porcelain bowl in the palm of one hand (note: must not be caught in the palm of the hand), and the other hand bounces down the edge of the bone china bowl. At the same time, the sound of a good bone china has a crisp echo like a bell. The longer the sound, the more sleek the carcass and the better the porcelain. The second is to inject about one-third of the water in the bowl. One hand touches some water and moves along the edge of the bowl to make a "squeak" resonance. The bigger the bowl, the more obvious the effect is.

3, touch the bottom of the bowl, why should you touch the bottom of the bowl? Because a bowl of fine workmanship bowl is to be second polished, both non-slip and prevent scratching the desktop, this is starting from the details of a test of a porcelain process.