Why Choose Ceramic Gifts?

- Feb 02, 2018-

First, the definition

The Chinese nation is a state of ceremonies. Since ancient times, as a symbol of Chinese civilization, ceramics and silk have always been a ceremony advocated by the nation. Porcelain gifts, has become an important category of modern family, business gifts, is based on ceramics as a gift element, carrying friendship and passing culture.

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Second, classification

Ceramic gifts are mainly divided into two categories: household ceramics and ceramic technology. For a long time, craft ceramics with its superb art, has been the dominant ceramic gift everlasting. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for ceramics for daily use is also constantly increasing and improving. A number of high-quality, healthy daily ceramics more and more people's favorite and welcome.

Third, the main origin of ceramic gifts

(A) Jingdezhen: Jingdezhen is China's ancient town of ceramics, ceramic gifts to the main ceramic, porcelain art superb Chinese and foreign famous.

(Two) Liling: Liling is located in the eastern part of Hunan, and Jiangxi border. When the Spring and Autumn Period is Chu, Qin Dynasty under the Changsha County, Changsha early seal phase more Liling Hou, the Eastern Han Dynasty set the county. Its fertile soil, since ancient times for the grain-producing area, home to give full. Lishui traverses things, convenient transportation, land and sea connections, rich in resources of clay, porcelain is the ideal place. Liling Ceramics production began in the Eastern Han Dynasty, has been more than 1,700 years of history. Found in the suburbs of the Eastern Han Dynasty pottery sites, we can see that pottery has a considerable scale. At present, Liling glazed multicolored porcelain world famous, in the world many well-known ceramic origin in a place, and the growing trend of growing faster and faster.


(III) Zibo: Zibo is a famous ceramic city in China. Zibo has formed an important ceramic industry. In recent years, Zibo has developed a number of high-quality daily-use ceramics with new ceramic materials and new technologies, which are valued by the national leaders.

(Four) Tangshan: Tangshan City is the northern city of ceramics, bone china is particularly famous.

(E) Chaozhou: Chaozhou porcelain is characterized by its most prominent pure white flawless clay, utensils with simple and elegant beauty, in the field of porcelain in China has an important position; coupled with the technology division are good at innovation, innovation can occur at each stage, so that its Works have been able to fit the aesthetic trends of the times. Mainly to export daily use, furnishings porcelain-based.