How To Choose Ceramic Tableware?

- Feb 05, 2018-

In this era of rapid economic development, people in all aspects of taste are improving, wearing a famous brand, eating healthy, living to be spacious, easy to do. After all these are met, there is a high demand for ancillary products, and on the one hand, in addition to food, its tableware is also very particular. If we want gifts, the choice of tableware gifts must pay attention!

     Very important point is the safety of tableware, some unscrupulous traders for the pursuit of profit with poor quality materials to produce ceramic tableware, seriously affecting the health of users, so the choice of tableware gifts is very important! Then choose what ceramic tableware gift Will win the recipient's favor and healthy environment? Our Hunan Liling red kiln ceramic for you to solve this problem!

    It is understood that some ceramic tableware gift harm to human health is high, because they use inferior color glaze decoration. Poor quality paint with the glaze contains some harmful effects of lead and other metals, lead will affect human hematopoiesis, nerves, kidneys, blood vessels and other organs function. When the body takes certain lead, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and other symptoms may occur. Therefore, once negligence, these poor quality cutlery supplies, like trace drugs, gradually affect their health.

     The EO ceramic tableware gift is after 1350 degrees high temperature firing, each tableware glaze, picture, luster, uniform shape and coordination. When you look at thin-wall ceramic products in the sun or light, you will find the sense of transparency, both thin and light, and uniform thickness. When you place a pair of cutlery with both hands and gently touch them, you will hear the crisp, sweet sound that you knock out. This is the "white as jade, bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, such as sound," the reputation of the origin. This quality ceramic tableware gifts sent out, the recipient will have any dissatisfaction?

      We EO tableware gifts healthy and environmentally friendly. And the type, style and variety: ceramic gift tableware sold both set also sold, there are customized according to customer requirements, the quality of absolute protection. Such a tableware gift sent out, how the recipient will be upset?