The Perfect Combination Of Ceramic Ancient Porcelain And Wine Culture

- Feb 09, 2018-

Ceramic bottle gives the feeling of what kind of it? Is it mysterious, artistic, or elegant? Or with Xiaobian understand the culture of the next ceramic bottle it!

Not only a carrier of wine, but also an important part of Chinese wine culture. As an important testimony of wine culture, the bottle is an important witness of wine culture. It integrates calligraphy, painting, style allusions, pottery and wine art. It comprehensively reflects the brilliant splendor of wine culture and the history of human civilization. It is a silent poem, three-dimensional painting and solidified Music, sculpture with emotions. Talk about this topic, collectors are always enraptured, endless.

Mr. Lin Song, an expert on wine bottle collection, is quite accomplished in the research of modern ceramic wine bottles. He said that the so-called famous wine with name porcelain and bottle made of porcelain has superb craftsmanship and various artistic forms to enhance the taste and cultural connotation of wine. Has a very high ornamental value and collection value. Modern ceramic bottle from the production process can be divided into blue and white porcelain bottle, glazed colored ceramic art bottle, porcelain bottle of high temperature color glaze, porcelain sculpture bottle. Blue and white porcelain bottle is based on Cobalt pigment painted on the embryo pattern, Shi transparent glaze after firing at a high temperature porcelain, after firing blue and white, green material melt between the fetal glaze. Crystal glaze, hair color green.

Blue and white porcelain located in the first of four famous porcelain in Jingdezhen, founded in the Yuan Dynasty, since the Ming Dynasty Yongle, blue and white porcelain began to become China's mainstream porcelain, become the main product of Jingdezhen, is the most ethnic style in our country, and the most influential in the world Of the best porcelain. Now blue and white porcelain bottle variety of crafts, there are common hand-painted, decals and printing three categories. Hand-painted blue and white porcelain bottle, the picture lively, is one of the most precious varieties of blue and white porcelain; decals blue and white porcelain bottle, a clear uniform style specifications; printing blue and white porcelain bottle, simple lines, the picture is structured. Blue and white porcelain wine bottle is very rich in text, the visible God of both ancient and modern characters; beautiful and beautiful landscapes of summer wine: Post Code 23-189 local post office can subscribe to light; lifelike birds and insects; There are ancient and regular traditional patterns and composition of the new modern style decoration. As the blue-and-white porcelain bottle color can endure, and no lead and cadmium harm, it is widely used throughout the winery wine merchants among them. Glaze porcelain ceramic art is the type of bottle, is the decoration, is the color. Because of its performance is a three-dimensional synthesis of techniques, so glazed ceramic art ceramic bottle reflects the multi-point, multi-level, very rich form. Glaze color flowers (decals) porcelain bottle by drawing artwork, plate making, printing, by the decal craftsman's skillful system of postscript, the temperature above 800 ℃ barbecue time to complete. High-temperature color glaze porcelain bottle Jingdezhen porcelain is one of the four traditional famous porcelain, the earliest burn in the Song Dynasty, into the heyday of the Qing Dynasty. Jingdezhen is China's largest manufacturer of color glaze porcelain history, the largest variety, the best quality, the highest achievements in the region. High temperature color glaze porcelain bottle is a variety of metal oxides and natural ore as a coloring agent, decorated in the billet, after high temperature firing. The glaze is extremely rich, bright red glaze gorgeous, pale glazed porcelain, glaze quaint quaint, "artificial gems," said. Color glaze porcelain bottle variety.

Sculpture Porcelain bottle is the first clay carved sculpture, carving sculpture into figures, animals, Cyanine and other shapes, or first in the mud on the Lou carving, pile carving, embossed a variety of images, and then baked into porcelain, this type Porcelain bottle, the sculpture porcelain bottle. Still in the Sui Dynasty, Jingdezhen ceramic sculpture began. Song Dynasty produced more and more varieties, the finished product dexterous, elegant, beautiful. Yuan Dynasty greatly improved the level of technology, the porcelain produced by robust, bold, dignified. Jingdezhen Ming Dynasty invented colorful ceramic materials colorful, sculpture techniques from the source of the Chinese Huaxia newspaper simply into the subtle.

In the face of the rich ceramic cultural heritage, we have felt the huge impact of material civilization on art. Based on the inheritance and reference, we have created new forms of ceramic language and expanded new materials, new techniques and methods of firing. Modern ceramic bottle is not only a form of existence, but also the embodiment of the creator's wisdom and personality.