The Artistic Value Of Ceramic Bottles And Glass Bottles

- Feb 07, 2018-

Although both ceramic and glass bottles are wine containers, there is a big difference between the two. From the storage wine, consumer culture trends, collection value analysis, ceramic bottles more than grade glass. Ceramic bottles can make wine and outside air exchange, the wine quality is very favorable, the original wine storage ceramic with no smell, strong adsorption, regulating acid and alkali mineral water quality, not easy to heat characteristics.

Ceramic bottles and glass bottles to compare, its advantages are mainly two aspects: First, light, glass bottle light, ceramic bottle opaque, it avoids the direct reaction of light on the role of alcohol in the latter part of the wine to maintain the obvious Is a good ceramic bottle; Second, the temperature, the wine is particularly sensitive to temperature, due to the production of the bottle material and technology fast glass heat conduction, ceramic bottle of slow heat, it can be relatively maintained in the wine temperature, the wine is not easy to taste bad.

Such as the ceramic bottle and glass bottle, ceramic bottle is superior to the glass bottle. Its advantages mainly in four aspects: First, the sealing, water absorption of large ceramic bottles, glass water absorption, to avoid the sunlight and wine volatilization: Second, the collection of manufacturing skills, artistic performance in various forms, with Collection value, can enhance the taste and cultural connotation of the product, which is the glass bottle can not be replaced: the third is the aesthetics, a single bottle shape, and colorful decorative ceramic bottle colorful, you can change the single phenomenon: Fourth, different ceramic bottles, It contains iron, copper, manganese, calcium and other elements, Chen wine cycle is long, help white wine cooked, but also healthy.