The Characteristics Of Ceramic Tableware

- Feb 13, 2018-

There are many production techniques of ceramic tableware, which can be divided into blue and white tableware, color glaze tableware, glaze color tableware, sculpture tableware and so on. There are a lot of differences in the production of these tableware in the production process, the following simple talk about the characteristics.

1, blue and white porcelain tableware. Blue and white porcelain is the first drawing pattern, then glazing method, a firing can be.

2, color glaze dishes. Color glaze firing is a variety of materials for the coloring agent for decoration, after a firing.

3, glaze color tableware. Glaze color ceramic tableware is made through decals craft tableware.

4, sculpture tableware. The emergence of sculpture tableware makes the modern ceramic tableware type is more rich, but also more meaningful meaning, for different occasions to design suitable sculpture tableware, the shape can be designed, very beautiful, beautiful.