Debut: This Ceramic Fine Exhibition Worth A Visit

- Feb 22, 2018-

Have you ever seen glazed porcelain drums thousand years ago? February 6, by the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology, Pingdingshan Museum, Lushan County Dianyao Institute of Culture co-sponsored the "kiln fire God - Lushan Dian kiln ceramic boutique exhibition" opened in Henan Museum. Exhibition collection paragraph Dian kiln representative of more than 250 pieces of pottery, such as the characteristics of glazed porcelain drums, pearl plum bottles, most of which are the first appearance of artifacts. The exhibition will last until April 20.

The exhibition of cultural relics spanning four periods of Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan, reproduced the porcelain kilns hundreds of years history and production of porcelain industry development process, from the "Tang Dynasty porcelain famous" world famous brand Zhao "" Two Kiln Series contests, "composed of three parts, a comprehensive display of Dandian kiln production process characteristics and level.

Speaking Duandian kilns, the most famous is the glazed porcelain, glaze gorgeous, colorful, natural and vivid, very artistic, renowned. Lushan porcelain is called by experts as "the source of Ru porcelain, porcelain Jun porcelain, porcelain ancestor." The Tang Dynasty 1300 years ago, Tang Xuanzong You Lushan flowers porcelain Jie drum, once said: "It is not the end of Qingzhou stone, that is Lushan porcelain.

Lushan Dian porcelain kiln site is located in Lushan County, Liang Wa Town Diancun, 50s of last century, the Palace Museum Li Huibing, Mr. Li Zhanyan had to investigate. In 1986 and 1990, Henan Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology unearthed the site twice. After the archaeological investigation and excavation of cultural relics workers, the burning history of kiln sites, the types of products and the characteristics of the process were summarized and studied. The kiln burned in the Tang Dynasty, after Song Jin, and finally Yuan, firing porcelain lasted hundreds of years, the high level of porcelain, porcelain variety, variety of colors, beautiful shape, a lot of northern porcelain representative porcelain here are Jieyou Burning, in the history of ancient porcelain occupy an important position.