How To Deal With Newly Purchased Ceramic Bowls Before Use?

- Apr 01, 2018-

The firing of porcelain tableware is divided into two processes, glaze and underglaze (introduced in the text). No matter what kind of process, the main components in the glaze are lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals. If they are not sanitized, they can only be washed with clean water, and they may cause chronic heavy metal poisoning, decreased immunity, and blood system diseases.

Therefore, after buying a new porcelain tableware, you can use boiling water to cook the dishes for a few minutes to kill and sterilize them. After naturally cooling, then soak in tap water with white vinegar for 2 hours. If the color of vinegar water is changed during the soaking process, it means that the heavy metal content in the tableware is excessive and should be discarded immediately.

In addition: For health reasons, when using microwaves to heat meals, try to use white utensils or special utensils for microwave ovens. Never put any foods that contain a lot of oil on porcelain utensils to avoid heating up the toxic substances in the porcelain during heating