Types of ceramic basins

- Apr 25, 2018-

What are the ceramic body blanks?

There are several kinds of ceramic basin blanks: kaolin, quartz, feldspar, ball clay and alumina. After high temperature heat. Ceramic clay, glazed fusion, so as to achieve watertight, strong and shiny glossy effect.

What are the styles of ceramic basins?

1. Most ceramic basins are equipped with a 4-inch hole model, a faucet with a hot and cold water handle that is 4 inches apart, or a 4-inch middle hole and a 4-inch single-handle faucet. Almost all new style basins on the market are equipped with a single hole. Models, in order to tie in with the use of more and more consumers like the single handle faucet, if you prefer a unique 8-inch hole in the two-handle faucet, the market also has such 8-inch hole in the basin matching, but more need to be customized.

2. The types, styles and shapes of the basins in the building materials market are very rich. Not only the ordinary stage basins, under counter basins, and pedestals are seen everywhere, but also there are in-wall basins and several basins. The price difference between the basins is very different, and the grades are well-defined. From the one-two-hundred-per-thousand-dollar basins are available.