Ceramic basin selection

- Apr 26, 2018-

What is the key to the ceramic basin?

The glazed ceramic basin is the key, whether the glaze is smooth, whether it is easy to scale, and whether it is easy to clean after scaling is a key issue. High-quality glazed "honeycomb" is very small, smooth and dense, not easy to dirty, generally do not often use strong decontamination products, water can be wiped with a rag.

What are the main points for buying ceramic basins?

When selecting ceramic basins, we must pay attention to the quality of glazed ceramic basins, whether the glaze can be lubricated, whether it is easy to scale, easy to clean after scaling, are the key issues. The high-quality glazed "honeycomb" is very small, compact and lubricated. It is not easy to be dirty, and it is not necessary to use ordinary strong decontamination products. Clean water and wipe with a rag.

What kind of light should you choose when choosing ceramic basins?

The ceramic basin should be selected to observe the light reflection on the surface under strong light, so as to find some small trachoma and blemishes. At the same time feel it by hand, it requires smooth and delicate. High-quality glazed "honeycomb" is very small, smooth and dense, not easy to dirty. Water absorption is also an important indicator of the quality of the ceramic basin. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the product. Because the water is absorbed into the ceramic, the ceramic will have a certain degree of expansion, easily ingesting dirt and odors in the water into the ceramic.