Toilet Maintenance Tips

- Apr 22, 2018-

One, toilet seat bacteria, to focus on cleaning

    Toilet seats should focus on cleaning objects. According to data surveys, there are dysentery bacilli on the toilet, and if the contents of the toilet spill onto the toilet seat, the virus has reached 3,000, and they can live for a maximum of 17 days, especially in winter. Many families like to use cloth washers. The cloth gaskets are more likely to be contaminated and more likely to become infected.

Second, clean the dirt in the toilet

    Clean the toilet in time. The toilet is most likely to be contaminated with daily excrement. Sometimes, even if it flushes, it will leave a trace. At this time, it is best to clean the toilet in time, do not wait until the formation of the macular, only to clean up, when cleaning must be Lifting the toilet seat, the first point also makes it clear why cleaning cleaners are also used to make the toilet cleaner.

Third, try not to set waste paper basket

    Do not put the waste basket around the toilet. It is believed that the disposal of waste paper around the toilet is a very common way. Basically, every household is like this. However, not every family can dispose of these waste papers every day. Usually, they will be stored for a day or two before being drained. In this two-day period, there will be a lot of bacteria. Of course, it is not recommended to throw toilets directly. Although the paper will not be blocked directly, it is also a top risk. What is the best? You can take care of it every day, or choose a lidded waste bin, but of course you have to deal with it in time.

Fourth, the toilet brush should be kept clean and dry

    The toilet should always be brushed and kept dry. Do not brush the toilet or wet the bathroom will be full of bacteria, and brush the toilet brush must be cleaned from time to time, and hang up, it is best not to place in an airtight place, breeding bacteria is very powerful.