Knowledge Sanitary ware maintenance

- Apr 23, 2018-

1. To ensure the accurate construction and installation of the toilet, please seal it with glass glue as much as possible. If cement mortar is used, the mortar ratio should not be greater than 3:1 to prevent the toilet from being cracked due to excessive stress.

2. Do not flush into the sanitary ware any items that are easily blocked by newsprint, paper diapers, or sanitary napkins.

3, sundry accidentally falling into the toilet should be promptly pulled out, immediately blocked with skin gas to eliminate.

4, can not make hard appliances or rough fabric contact with ceramic products, can not beat, hit.

5. Scrubbing the attached dirt with the cleaning agent as scheduled. When it does not wash out, remove it with a brush and keep it clean.

6, can not be used and stored in water at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.

7, computer bath room: The most important thing is to prevent its leakage, regular inspection circuit is insulated.

8, inside the bathtub, do not place extra things. (towels, silk, etc.).

9, in order to avoid hurting the bathtub and piping, do not use sulfur-containing, acid-base shower gel or organic solvents.

10. There must be accumulated water on the corner of the bathroom countertop in a timely manner with a dry cloth.