Three place tips of ceramic tableware

- Apr 10, 2018-

The improvement of people’s living standards has driven people’s improvement in their quality of life. Nowadays, ceramic tableware is not only simple for eating, but good ceramic tableware can also give people a beautiful enjoyment!

Here are three major arts and techniques to make your life more full of art.

1. Place ceramic tableware on the sofa: Put pink and white bowls on the pink sofa, and set off each other to foil and brighten the color of the home so that the home feels more comfortable and casual. It echoes with a softly patterned paper art work to create a perfect sense of freshness and transparency.

2, the combination of flowers and ceramic tableware Dyeing room: Let the gorgeous color combination slowly dye to every detail of the table, clusters of flower patterns, so that the table is rich in the scenery can enjoy the sense of hierarchy. The contrast between the shades of pink and blue, orange and green makes the visuals elegant and refined. There are some court and classical meanings. The exquisite color of the flower pattern enhances the sense of quality of the ceramic tableware.

3, the combination of ceramic tableware, wax table, wine glass and vase on the table: The combination of simple orange and green can also make the combination of space colors uniform, easy and casual, in fact, has taken care of the perfect details, the wax table to Panting, glass to vase, full of new ideas and not deliberate. The vivid vitality can enjoy the sense of beauty and elegance.