Ceramic tableware can be divided into several types

- Apr 09, 2018-

Ceramic Tableware Type 1, Magnesia Porcelain Tableware

Magnesia porcelain refers to a ceramic material containing magnesium-rich aluminosilicate as the main crystal phase, and is a kind of high-grade porcelain. Its white jade, crystal clear, is the best choice for hotel tableware.

Ceramic tableware type 2, Magnesium reinforced porcelain tableware

Magnesium reinforced porcelain tableware has features of high strength, high whiteness, low brittleness, high service life, low breakage rate, high grade and good image, and does not contain lead and other chemical substances. It is a green environmental protection tableware and is suitable for daily use ceramics. Ideal for disinfecting tableware.

Ceramic Tableware Type 3, Reinforced Porcelain Tableware

The most prominent feature of the reinforced porcelain tableware is crash-resistant, but it has been gradually replaced by magnesia porcelain and magnesia reinforced porcelain in the market of sterilized tableware.

Ceramic tableware type 4, shellfish porcelain tableware

The shellfish porcelain is a high white porcelain, porcelain that is made of high-quality porcelain clay. It is non-toxic, lead-free, non-hazardous, non-fading, and not easily broken. It is suitable for dishwasher washing and is favored by middle and low-grade ceramic tableware users.

Ceramic tableware category 5, color glazed porcelain tableware

Color glaze porcelain, also known as color glaze porcelain, relies on changes in glaze water color to decorate porcelain. The glazed porcelain tableware is a tableware in which the use value and the ornamental value coexist.