The Origin and Relationship between Ceramic Bottles and Wine

- Feb 09, 2018-

What is wine? Everybody only knows that it is a special liquid that can be brewed from food and drink, but it is an extremely painstaking work to show how this very inner liquid is. In the end, we found the medium with which we can set off each other in the civilization - ceramic bottle.

Ancient Chinese ceramics with its long history of glory and sophisticated skills into the world arts and crafts hall.

However, ceramic bottle itself has great plasticity, durability, environmental protection, good sealing and other characteristics into a wine Sheng excellent material, confirmed by the time, we found that the aging of the ceramic wine has an outstanding assistance. As we gradually deepen the taste of wine, ceramic bottles are also changing its appearance, ceramic bottles gradually by more and more wineries widely used.

        Chinese ceramic art has the same richness as civilized wine. It is an excellent art expression medium, which can collect literary arts such as poetry, painting, calligraphy, carving and sculpture.