Ceramic bottle packaging should take the two high and low lines

- Feb 08, 2018-

Before large-scale industrialization, ceramic bottles have always been the dominant packaging. And China, as the birthplace of ceramic bottles, ceramic bottles not only as wine packaging, to a certain extent, is also a heritage of culture, as works of art exist. However, the large-scale industrialization has made ceramic bottles impacted as high packaging, low cost, lower production costs, and large-scale production of plastic bottles and glass bottles instead, becoming the mainstream of the market.

Ceramic bottle market and then compressed, mainly rely on high-end liquor packaging market. Ceramic bottle in the modern production process to compete with glass, plastic bottles, compete for more markets, we must change the high on the market position. Well, ceramic bottle manufacturers should grasp the two main lines of the market. One is to lower prices, take the scale, the development of mechanical words, reduce the cost of ceramic bottle production, production more in line with the fast moving consumer goods market ceramic bottle packaging. The other is to maintain the high-end line of ceramic bottles and continue to inherit and integrate more cultural elements in ceramic bottles to meet the culture and brand appeal of high-end wine bottle packaging.

Ceramic bottle manufacturers if we can take a good grasp of these two lines, and glass bottles, plastic bottles in the broader market competition.