How to treat the decorative design of daily use ceramics?

- Mar 09, 2018-

It is necessary to study the decorative design of daily-use ceramics from the perspective of visual communication. It meets the aesthetic needs of people in today's society. It represents a design concept of modern society and symbolizes the rapid development of modern high-tech society . Today's society is a highly culturally integrated society, a product that represents a country's economy, science and culture. Ceramic is the great wisdom of the working people in China. It concentrates 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture. However, the decorative design of household ceramics can not be static, always take the traditional route, we should combine visual communication design to produce a sense of modern design with Chinese characteristics of daily-use ceramic products.

Today, in the modern high-tech and high-efficiency society, with the growing national strength and ever-increasing standard of living of our people, we should design fine domestic daily-use ceramics that meet the historical background of today's society and meet the needs of the people.