Daily ceramic introduction

- Mar 08, 2018-

Ceramics (also refers to tableware or home porcelain) as the name implies refers to: the daily life of people essential porcelain. The production of ceramics can be attributed to the demand of people's daily life. It has a history of thousands of years from the occurrence and development of ancient daily pottery. Since the invention of porcelain in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the sanitary ware has added more hygiene , More easy to clean artificial stone --- porcelain.

Daily porcelain is the daily life of people most exposed, is also familiar with porcelain, such as cutlery, tea sets, coffee sets, wine sets, rice utensils waiting. Historically, porcelain was developed from household pottery, and because both have similarities in terms of performance and manufacturing process, so they are customarily put together and collectively referred to as household ceramics.