How to choose a ceramic plate?

- Apr 16, 2018-

1, see the pattern.

When choosing a dish, try to select a small pattern. Excessive patterns will bring about health hazards. After the pattern is used for a long time, the color is easy to fall off. People eat the stomach and it is harmful to the body. If you have to choose to take the pattern, as few as possible is better. The safest Xiaobian thinks it is a solid color plate.

2, choose the appropriate material plate.

In general, ceramic plates are used in homes. These plates have good heat resistance. Even if the temperature is high, they will not release toxic substances. Glass plates are easy to wash, but their heat resistance is not good. Plastic plates are not practical and are of poor quality. Once the plastic comes into contact with hot vegetables, it will release toxic substances. Therefore, be careful when choosing, try to choose ceramic.

3. Look at the color and craft of the plate pattern.

Most of the dishes are coloured. Take special care when selecting them. Do not choose to print them. This colour is easy to drop. Choose a pattern that is light in color and burns with the dishes. This pattern is solid in color. Will not easily wear. The patterns on some plates are bumpy and rough, that is, they are burned together with the plate and you can consider buying them.

4, see the depth of the plate.

Generally deeper than the dishes on the dish, you can also cook soup, more practical, you can use more; flat dishes by the dishes are few, buy less.

5, weigh the weight of a plate.

The texture of the plate can be judged by the weight of the plate. The light plate material is relatively poor, and the plate bottom is thin and not durable. As far as possible, you should choose to have more weight.

6, go to the regular supermarket to buy.

Many people buy plates for the convenience of buying stalls or bazaars. Although they are cheap, they are difficult to guarantee. Prolonged use will have an adverse effect on the human body.