Decorative porcelain ornamentation

- Apr 16, 2018-

Jinwen is one of the typical patterns of porcelain decoration. It uses brocade and architectural painting as decoration patterns. Because it is often used as a secondary ornamentation, it plays a role in the formation of land. Those who painted a floral pattern on it again called Jindihua, also known as icing on the cake, contained auspicious symbols. The pattern of brocade is often composed of various figures, including hydrangea, turtle, flowers, moiré, cross, and kanji. Its composition is dense and detailed.

     Jin Wen used to decorate ceramics first seen in Tang Sancai. Yuan Jingdezhen kiln was influenced by the brocade industry that flourished in the south of the Yangtze River and introduced it into the porcelain making process. The Ming and Qing dynasties were even more popular. The performance techniques were mostly painted. There were useful methods of cone arch in the Qing dynasty colored porcelain. Typical devices such as the Kangxi colorful brilliance, the Qing dynasty purple conical phoenix tail, and the lotus pattern plum vase.