How to buy ceramic tea sets?

- Apr 08, 2018-

When buying a porcelain tea set, the porcelain itself should be inspected: whether the shape of the device is full or not, whether it is deformed, whether the glaze is clean, the color is the same, whether there is a sand pin, a bubble eye, or a glaze. If the blue-and-white or colored painting is to see if the color is not gorgeous, not shallow or deep, shiny (light over the fire, the deep is not enough heat; Yan is the color is too thick, then the color is too thin). Finally, we must mention that the porcelain will have a crack and it will be greatly reduced.

The purchase of ceramic tea sets should also pay attention to the environmental protection and quality of ceramic tea sets. Good ceramic tea sets are beneficial to human health, and poor quality ceramic tea sets are harmful to human health. Please pay attention to the following points when choosing:

First, the purchase of ceramic tea sets must choose the formal market, must not be cheap to buy inferior products without formal manufacturers. According to the national regulations, the ceramic tea set shall be soaked in 4% acetic acid. The amount of lead eluted shall not exceed 7 mg/L, and the amount of cadmium shall not exceed 0.5 mg/L. The formal manufacturer's products can basically meet this requirement.

Second, when buying, look carefully at the fineness of the tea set, and touch the surface of the tea set with your hands to see if the inner wall is clean and smooth.

Third, use the nose to see if there is odor.

4. Cook the tea set with boiling water for 5 minutes before use, or soak it with vinegar for 2-3 minutes to dissolve the toxic substances contained in the tea set.