2018 American Industrial Ceramic Exhibition

- Apr 09, 2018-

Opening time: 2018-05-01

End time: 2018-05-03

Show Address: I-X Center, Cleveland, Ohio

First, the exhibition time: May 1-3 May 2018

Second, the exhibition venue: Ohio Cleveland I-X Center (One I-X Center Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44135)

Third, the exhibition introduced: Ceramics Expo is the only industrial ceramics exhibition in North America, after three years of rapid growth, has become the largest and most influential professional exhibition in North America, ceramics Expo is following the German Ceramic Industry Exhibition (CERAMITEC), the world As another important industry event, the organizers will, starting from 18 years, increase the exhibition theme of industrial waste heat recovery. The theme will be exhibited in the same pavilion during the same period.

The last fair review: On the 4th to 27th of 2017, the 3rd American Industrial Ceramics Fair finished its curtain at the IX Exhibition Center in Cleveland. The 3 day exhibition attracted more than 320 companies from more than a dozen countries to exhibit and received more than 3,500 trades. Commercial and professional visitors, among which representative international exhibitors are Morgan Materials, Almatis, Corning, Du-Co, Saint Gobain, CoorsTek, MoSci and McDanel, Toto USA Inc, Fritsch etc, Solid CAM, Hitachi High Technologies, Netzsch Instruments, ACerS, Harrop Industries. The three-day exhibition was very successful. The exhibition was not yet over. More than 100 exhibitors had already reserved the next booth. As the general manager of the exhibition, the exhibition organized 25 Chinese companies to participate in the exhibition. With better results, on the second day of the exhibition, Chinese exhibitors reserved the next 900 square feet of booths. In 18 years, we will continue to organize group exhibitions. We sincerely welcome excellent Chinese companies to jointly expand the US market.

Fourth, the range of exhibits:

1. Ceramic raw materials, auxiliary materials, additives and powder production materials and auxiliary materials; oxide ceramic powders: alumina, silica, zirconia, titania, barium titanate, ferrite, aluminum hydroxide; non-oxide Ceramic powders: silicon carbide, boron nitride, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, graphite and carbon, composites, and rare earths.

2. Technical ceramics, structural ceramics, functional ceramics and special ceramics that are widely used in the industrial field.

3, glass, metallurgy, chemical and other fields of high temperature resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic materials and media; ceramic heat treatment, drying, roasting, smelting and so on.

4, ceramic melting, color, glaze decoration and polishing; monitoring and laboratory analysis equipment.

5, ceramic manufacturing and finishing related technology, process equipment and materials for the preparation of handling packaging, tools and spare parts.

6. Refractory materials: raw materials: silicon raw materials, silica quartz, semi-siliceous raw materials, aluminum silicate raw materials, calcium silicate, kaolin and fire-resistant clay, bauxite and diaspore, artificial high-alumina materials, corundum Micro powder, dolomite raw materials and so on.