What Is The Original Pottery Formula?

- Apr 24, 2018-

After primitive people settled, the scope of activities was relatively reduced. In the early stages of pottery making, people often used local materials and used a single clay blank. We know that the properties of clays are different, some are suitable for making billets, some are not easily formed, and others are cracked due to too much shrinkage of the billets during drying or low temperature roasting. In the case that the raw materials for the blanks could not be selected, people added "admixtures" to the mud materials creatively in order to change the rhythm of the clay.

After a long period of practice, it has been found that incorporation of a certain proportion of fine sand in the clay division can replace the above substances, and its effect is close to the "clinker" used in modern ceramics. In addition, the grey sand pottery is more heat resistant and can be cooked directly on fire. Archaeological finds that almost all sculptors in the Neolithic period had grit. The original society took advantage of these original recipes to improve the molding method and the use of properties. For this reason, the first step was taken after ceramics production was passed, with 10,000 improved processes and improved product quality.