Types Of Teapot

- Mar 09, 2018-

Teapot is an important part of tea sets, mainly used for tea, but also directly with a small teapot to tea and Sheng tea, drink alone.

The teapot consists of a lid, a pot body, a pot bottom and a ring foot. The pot cover has holes, buttons, seats, covers and other details. Pot body has mouth, extension (lip wall), mouth, flow, abdomen, shoulder, the (handle, pull) and other parts. As the pot of the lid, bottom, the nuances of shape, the basic shape of the teapot there are nearly 200 species. When making tea, the size of the teapot depends on how many people drink tea. Many of the texture of the teapot, the current use of more purple clay pottery or porcelain teapot. What kind of teapot?

According to pot shape can be divided into:

Side of the pot: pot into the ear, opposite the spout.

Lifting pot: pot in the top of the lid into a rainbow who.

Flying pot: pot in the side of the kettle above, was ribbon dancing.

Grip the pot: handle like a pot, and the pot at right angles.

Without the pot: no grip, holding pot head pour tea.