The Main Technical Inventory Made Of Ceramics

- Feb 11, 2018-

Benefit from the more advanced modern science and technology, ceramic manufacturing (antimicrobial ceramic) process is also more and more superb, and in ancient China began to create a beautiful ceramic and sold overseas, to the 21st century, our Ceramic manufacturing technology are developed into what it looks like?

Glazed technology

Selection of high quality imported clay, fired up to 1280 degrees, the firing cycle up to 18 hours, strict control of the critical temperature, the product fully meet the standards of glass porcelain. Product water absorption of less than 0.2%, thermal expansion and contraction, compression and other superior performance, to ensure that products will not be due to changes in the external environment resulting in late cracking.

Nano self-cleaning glaze is a special glaze, to be covered on the basis of the bottom glaze glaze.

Transparent frit glaze with super-smoothness and superior antibacterial effect, with very high glaze density, produces ion-barrier. When the dirt contactor wall, the ion layer that is the reaction, the dirt pops out, making it difficult to adhere to completely eradicate dirt adhesion and dark spots; make cleaning simple and feasible.

Environmental anti-bacterial function is very strong, up to 95% antibacterial in 24 hours. Glaze and the body by a high temperature forming, glaze will not peel, wear-resistant, acid, alkali, heat-resistant superior performance. The product of Staphylococcus aureus average antibacterial rate of ≥ 95%, the average antibacterial rate of E. coli ≥ 95%.

Water saving technology

The use of large diameter technology, Ji Maisi, curved pipe wall full of glazing, smooth and smooth pipeline; nano self-cleaning glaze formed by the ultra-smooth surface, concise and special pipeline design, greatly enhance the product's ability to wash, washed thoroughly Clean and not residual, to achieve * performance of water-saving.

CSC won the national certification through the National Center for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Certification Center, toilet was named water-saving products. That is a sewage 6L, water-saving efficiency doubled. Than normal 5 / 8L flushing system, saving about 34.78% a year.

4D "kiss buttocks" technology

Sensitive to the seat contains a rational basis for the data, which is unique four-dimensional "Kiss the hips," comfortable toilet experience.

How to help consumers create a more comfortable toilet experience? Four-dimensional identity does not stop at the broad concept of "ergonomics." For the toilet experience that is closely related to the user, four-dimensional has its own Understanding and perseverance, through the real data sampling of thousands of consumers, through the establishment of four-dimensional toilet exclusive data (4D standard) - kiss breech, to achieve master ergonomic * design technology program, which is people-oriented technology in the bathroom The unique embodiment of the field, but also four-dimensional leading Chinese bathroom manufacturers from creativity to create a breakthrough in another milestone.