The Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Established Two Review Conferences For The Management Of Individual Consumption

- Apr 06, 2018-

According to the processing trade unit consumption standard and unit consumption management project development plan issued by the General Administration of Customs and the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association assumes and stipulates the “Examination Method for the Processing Unit Consumption of Electrical Heating Pipes for Intelligent Toilet Covers” and The “Two-Stage Consumption Management Project Review Meeting” of the “PB/PEX Pipe and Fittings Processing Trade Consumption Inspection Validation Method” was held in Xiamen on March 29-30, 2018.

The conference was presided over by Shen Yulu, deputy director of the International Cooperation Department of the China Building Materials Federation; Qi Bin, executive vice president of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association; Wang Jun, deputy director of the General Administration of Customs of Beijing, and Tianjin Customs, Huangpu Customs, Hangzhou Customs, Luda (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd., Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tejieer Intelligent Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Fujian Jiyou Plastics Co., Ltd., Fujian Haoyang Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd., and more than 20 experts and subjects in charge Attending the meeting.

At the review meeting, the project team reported the completion of the work of the project. The project team made detailed reports on the industry overview of the commodity, the introduction of commodity knowledge, the introduction of the production technology and unit consumption of the commodity, and the validation method for commodity processing unit consumption. Experts at the meeting carefully listened to the report of the project team, and conducted some inquiries, scrutiny, and discussions on some of the focuses, and put forward some more comprehensive suggestions and suggestions for modification. The two issues that the association has undertaken to formulate its management issues have been highly recognized by the customs.

According to the review, the two topics of the “Examination Method for Processing Unit Consumption of Electrical Heating Pipes for Intelligent Toilet Covers” and “Verification Method for Unit Consumption of Processing Materials for PB/PEX Pipes and Pipes” were unanimously approved.