How To Maintain A Ceramic Knife?

- Apr 30, 2018-

In daily life, people have to maintain, car maintenance, the same ceramic knife must also be maintained, how should it be maintained? Here are a few highlights, I hope love knife share together! !

1. Please pay special attention to the blade part during use, and the blade part is extremely sharp;

2. Keep away from children, keep the kitchen knife in a place where young children can not reach, so as to avoid accidental injury;

3, please use wooden or plastic chopping board to avoid using on the stone cutting board;

4. Do not throw the knife in the air will make the knife broken;

5, Do not use a knife to cut, smash, knock, smash, drop and impact, do not use the knife as a lever;

6. Do not distort the knife during cutting;

7. Do not use ceramic choppers to cut frozen (or not fully thaw) foods, raw rice cakes, boned meats, and hard objects such as fish and crabs;

8, do not wash ceramic knife in the dishwasher, can be cleaned in water or detergent, dry naturally;

9. Place the ceramic knife on the knife holder, knife holder or other stable environment;

10. Do not try to sharpen your own knife;

11. Do not place the kitchen knife near the fire source, so as to avoid deformation of the plastic handle.

12. Dirty and stained parts of the blade can be soaked in kitchen bleach. Do not wipe it with a metal cleaning ball, etc. It may be scratched by metal, or the blade may become black due to the action of metal powder.