How To Distinguish The Quality Of Ceramic Cups

- Mar 05, 2018-

Medium mug, the price is relatively affordable, and work is not bad. The main screen will not be too messy, the majority of decals, more vulgar. Ceramic cups white and opaque, some even yellowish, due to the relationship between clay, these mugs appear slightly stupid, and there is no texture.

Defective ceramic cups, the first major origins is the treatment of some large porcelain ceramic cups, in addition to use, these ceramic cups have some flaws above, there is no art appreciation value. However, these ceramic cups also have a large part of the mall.

High quality mugs have the first few features.

1: Pure hand-painted, high-quality ceramic cups necessary for the pure handicraft manufacturing, ceramic art craft handicrafts will have a great improvement, and some celadon porcelain, such as Chairman Mao porcelain, porcelain used in Zhongnanhai.

2: Jingdezhen Gaoyi mud manufacturing, Jingdezhen as a ceramic cup Millennium town. Specialty is kaolin, china clay. This clay-made ceramic cup is white and transparent, very light after being made into porcelain.

3: There is no flaw