How To Choose Ceramic Tableware?

- Mar 22, 2018-

The selection of ceramic tableware is a university question, and some ceramic appliances have a detrimental effect on human health because they are decorated with glaze colors. The glaze color contains certain harmful metals such as lead, which can affect the function of human hematopoietic, neural, renal, blood vessels, and other organs. When the body's intake of certain lead, there will be vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Therefore, once negligence, the daily necessities used in this meal will gradually affect the health of the body like micro-toxic drugs.

1. Don't use glaze color decoration when choosing ceramic tableware, especially the inner wall of ceramic tableware should not be painted. Can choose to use underglaze or glaze in the color decoration, such as blue and white is a ceramic that people like to decorate under the glaze.

2, buy back the ceramic tableware, first soaked in water soaked with vinegar, so that you can remove most of the toxic substances, greatly reducing the potential hazards of ceramic dishes on the human body.

3, do not use ceramic tableware for long storage of acidic foods and juices, wine, coffee and other beverages. Because ceramic tableware contains acidic foods or beverages for a longer period of time, the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve lead, which is equivalent to the toxic side effects of increasing the amount of lead elution.

4, whether the shape is Zhou Zheng, whether there is damage, spots, bubbles, smooth. The prickly, spotty, and even cracked ceramics on the surface are liable to spilled lead in the glaze and should not be used as cutlery.

5. When choosing a porcelain with gold or silver decoration, rub it by hand and it will not fade.

6. With a few taps, the sound is crisp and of good quality. The dull or husky sound is inferior.

7. Most of the porcelain adhesives contain high lead, and porcelain should not be used after making up the porcelain.

8. The glazed surface of porcelain is made by burning over 800 degrees Celsius, which can not reach 800 degrees. Low-temperature glaze can harm the human body. It is best to reach 1350 degrees of porcelain.

9. When purchasing a complete set of ceramic products, it depends on whether the glaze color, the screen, the gloss, and the style of each item are consistent and well-balanced.

10, thin tire ceramic products under the care of the sun or light, there must be a sense of transparency, thin and light, and uniform thickness.

The method of selecting the above-mentioned ceramic tableware is an experience gained in daily life. For the reader, this is an absolute valuable asset and can help you identify whether the tableware is of high quality. If you want to buy ceramic tableware, you may wish to look at the ceramic network, that is, our porcelain library China Network, as long as you want to have here.