How To Choose Ceramic Sanitary Ware

- Apr 15, 2018-

1, First, there should be a sense of support when purchasing. All parts and accessories of the whole set of products should be at the same level. Matching product style, color must match, in order to be harmonious and beautiful.

2. When choosing ceramic sanitary ware, we should focus on checking the quality of the visible surface. The visible surface refers to the surface that people can easily see after the porcelain is installed.

3, appearance quality inspection judgment:

(1) Whether there is cracking: When tapping, listen to whether the sound is crisp, when there is husky sound, there may be cracks, and you should check carefully.

(2) Check the size of the deformation. Place the toilet on a flat platform, check whether the directions are smooth and even, and whether the mounting surface and the edge of the toilet surface are straight and whether the mounting hole is even and smooth.

(3) Glaze quality. The glaze must be smooth and smooth, with uniform glaze.

4, should choose well-known brand products, these products have passed all aspects of strict testing, quality can be trusted. At the same time, these companies also have a certain quality management system to ensure product quality.