Green Tax Started On April 1 Taowei Industry Or Welcome A New Round Of Price Increases

- Apr 13, 2018-

On January 1, 2018, the "Environmental Protection Tax Law" was formally implemented. “According to the tax law, the environmental tax is declared on a quarterly basis, so the first levy on environmental protection tax was ushered in on April 1. In addition, the United States recently imposed more influence on China’s commodity taxation and environmental protection inspections. The increase in production and operating costs of enterprises is an inevitable trend, and industry insiders say that the cost pressure will soon be reflected in the product price.With the formal introduction of environmental taxes, ceramics and bathroom products may usher in a new round of price increases.2018 In the year, the decoration market cost rose by 20% to 35%.

On April 1, the environmental tax will usher in the first levy. At present, tax authorities across the country have identified and identified more than 260,000 taxpayers for environmental protection taxes.

The introduction of environmental taxes has a profound impact on the ceramic sanitary ware industry. It is reported that although the provinces have determined the amount of tax under the principle of "tax-negative translation," the taxation standards in most regions have been raised to varying degrees compared with the previous standards for pollutant discharge. According to an earlier analysis, the impact of the previous sewage charges on the operating costs and profits of the enterprises was not significant, but the implementation of the environmental taxes will allow companies to directly discharge the tax cost higher than the pollution control costs and increase operating costs.

Some upstream companies have stated that the collection of environmental taxes will inevitably increase the company's costs, and that the increase in costs will mean various price increases. Industry sources said that after the introduction of the environmental tax, the company’s cost will increase by 15% in the short term. The worry is that these costs may eventually be reflected in the terminal prices of bathroom products. It is expected that from April 1st onwards, the decoration market cost will increase by 20%-35%.

However, there are also industry players who are optimistic. If there is a person in charge of the company, the company can strive to “pollution” through this year’s efforts to not only reduce this cost, but also save 5 million to 6 million yuan annually in governance. cost.