Ceramic Knife Benefits

- Mar 07, 2018-

Ceramic knives used in modern kitchens have a number of advantages that metal knives can not match:

1, high quality. Ultra-high hardness, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, extremely sharp, easy to wear, never rust Stainless steel and other metal knives cut the food, will destroy the natural taste of food, the use of ceramic knives will not have this phenomenon.

2, health. Made of biomedical materials, containing no heavy metals such as nickel and chromium. Contact with the skin does not produce allergies. Strong chemical stability of ceramic materials, acid and alkali, will never rust discoloration. No chemical reaction with the food, to keep the original fresh food, delicious. Blade after 1700 ℃ high temperature sintering, all dense, non-porous, non-magnetic. Not sticky when used, easy to clean and antibacterial.

3, practical: high-tech achievements, the blade has a very high hardness. Its wear resistance is 60 times the metal knife, almost never wear, remove the need to sharpen the trouble. Specially designed blade, extremely sharp. No matter how you handle some fruits, vegetables, or meat, you can maintain their tax benefits without any sticky knife. Ergonomic design of the easy grip handle, so you feel more relaxed, safe and comfortable. Fashion: sleek, pure, jade texture, adding noble enjoyment. Ceramic knife blade will not be acid, fruit juice, salt, oil and other substances erosion, even if heated in aqua regia for a few hours there will be no change.

4, use: love DIY food and Western people, this is your excellent helper Oh. Use it to cut fruits, vegetables, meat, and desserts like bread, cakes and more. With ultra-high hardness, high wear resistance, and corrosion will never rust, non-conductive, non-heat transfer, non-magnetic, sharp edge, white and smooth surface, the use of easy and effortless, non-sticky viscous liquid, easy to clean Features.

5, Packaging: Ceramic knife packing gift sets, suits and other products to choose from, whether living or giving relatives and friends are healthy, stylish taste of the election!