Century Puzzle? Buy Smart Toilet Or Toilet Lid?

- Apr 18, 2018-

The toilet is the life of each of us and each toilet is equipped with a toilet seat. Then the century problem has come, many people will be difficult to buy smart toilets, in the end is to choose one of the good or to buy a toilet seat alone?

First, if you look at the installation, although the toilet lid is easier to disassemble than the smart toilet, it is easy to remove and remove the trouble of cleaning the corners, but not the smart toilet lid is not suitable for all toilets.

Look at the function, have a number of functions such as warm air drying, seat ring heating, soft light massage and massage flushing. The toilet seat will lack some functions than the smart toilet, such as automatic flip, automatic flushing and night lighting. Wait for these features. However, smart toilets are more cost effective than commonly used ones.

In the later period of maintenance, as an electrical product, the cost of the smart toilet cover is high, and the smart toilet has high technology content in its internal motor and integrated circuit, so the cost of the one-time investment is higher. However, if the smart toilet cover exceeds the warranty period, it means that consumers must repair at their own expense. The cost of maintenance of a fully automatic toilet seat is much higher than that of a conventional toilet seat. In comparison, smart toilet integration is more secure. Energy-saving and environmental protection, used toilet lids can be reused in industry and agriculture, and there is no waste of resources that is more green and energy-efficient.