Bathroom Moistureproof

- May 03, 2018-

The busy city life is busy. After returning home after a long day of running, enjoying the fresh and fun in the bathroom space is the common pursuit of urban residents. However, "family bathroom" as a functional area with a large amount of water is prone to seepage, leakage, and mildew. Therefore, the renovation should start with the laying of tiles, ceilings and equipment selection, etc., to fully consider the needs of waterproof moisture.1. The wall tiles or stone of the bathroom should be fully waterproof under the surface layer, use cement mortar to level the floor, apply a good quality waterproof coating, and then spread a layer of cement mortar 1 to 2 as a bonding layer, the floor tiles And other decorative materials were applied to the building, and after being watered, they were tamped with wooden boards to achieve firm and tight joints. The ground surface layer of flowing water should be drained to the ground, and the water should not be poured or accumulated. The 24-hour storage test can be conducted without leakage.

2. The ceiling of the bathroom is recommended to use microporous aluminum gussets to enhance ventilation and prevent condensation. The moisture-proof effect is better. If you do plasterboard ceiling, you should first brush waterproof putty, then brush waterproof coating In addition, the use of PVC ceiling is easy to produce condensation, and the next drop, so be cautious.

3. The installation of pipelines in the bathroom should be avoided as much as possible to avoid changes in the original up and down light pipes. They must be horizontally and vertically laid, securely laid, and graded to meet the requirements. Floor drain design is still based on the above water pipeline, the surface should be slightly lower than the ground, it is recommended to buy good quality deodorant floor drain.

4. The installation position of bathroom sanitary ware should be correct. The upper edge of the appliance should be horizontal. Bathroom appliances should be branded and have better waterproof performance. For example, shower warm lamps or bath heaters that are used in wet environments for a long time, the outer shell should be made of stainless steel, and the anticorrosion performance is better, and the waterproof power switch, cables and plugs are also included.

5. The bathroom should be reasonably circumventing the use of wooden materials. When it is really necessary to use it, it should be fireproof or full-oil-mixed, and it can be waterproof. In the ceiling or other package decoration, the hidden hidden keel needs to be painted with a waterproof coating or antiseptic.

As long as we value the moisture-proof work of the bathroom and do well in the above aspects, we will be able to enjoy comfortable and natural pleasure in a fully-reliable bathroom.