Why Ceramic knife is expensive?

- Apr 29, 2018-

Ceramic knife expensive? why? Ceramic knife performance introduction?

Fashion: famous design, international fashion style; knife body color is mellow, pure, jade texture; whether home life or gifts are relatives and friends are healthy, stylish choice of taste.

Does not oxidize: Does not contain nickel, chromium and so on heavy metals, does not have the chemical reaction with the food when using, cuts the apple not to turn yellow for a long time.

Sharper: The blades are specially designed and sharp. Cut the onions and never cry.

Super wear-resistance: The wear resistance is 63 times that of metal, and the hardness is inferior to that of diamond only. Lettering can be made directly on the glass. And remove the hassle of traditional tools.

No rust: The disadvantage of easy rust and easy contamination of foods without traditional tools.

Practical: high-tech achievements, blade hardness is extremely high, almost never wear. The blade is specially designed for sharpness; no matter handling the 0612 easy-grip handle, it makes you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable.

Health: Non-nickel, chromium and other heavy metals, all dense, non-porous, non-magnetic, non-sticky when used, easy to clean and bacteriostasis. Acid and alkali, never rust; does not react chemically with food; keeps food fresh and delicious.