What kind of ceramic tableware is a good tableware?

- Apr 05, 2018-

First, touch by hand, not smooth not to buy When selecting cutlery, be sure to touch by hand, if the flower above the tableware is convex, indicating that the color is glaze. When touched, the surface of the cutlery is not smooth and rough, indicating that the product has not been cooked. Try not to purchase it. In addition, do not buy tableware with flowers on the inner wall. Although the quality of the product is acceptable, it is perfectly safe.

Second, watch with your eyes, do not buy stomatal When buying tableware, in addition to paying attention to safety and quality issues, the use of tableware can not be ignored. Tips for daily life tips, when buying tableware, it is best to look at the tableware in front of the light, if there is a pimple, you can at a glance. If it is found that the tableware has small pores, bulges, dregs, and uneven bottom, it is best not to buy. Because these cunning cutlery will cause trouble for future cleanliness.

Third, reverse the tableware, do not buy the uneven Buy cups, bowls, dishes and other tableware, it is best to upside down the product on the desktop or glass surface, to test whether the product's flatness is up to standard. If you find that the cutlery is tilted and uneven, do not buy it. In addition, it is also possible to tie the dishes together. If good, good-quality tableware is free from cracks. The poor quality of the tableware squatted and slanted.

Fourth, hand percussion, not crisp and not buying When buying cutlery, hand tapping, if the sound of cutlery made crisp, shows that the quality of tableware is high quality. If tableware emits a turbid sound after hand tapping, it indicates that the blank of the tableware is cracked and should not be purchased.